Mission & Values


Credit unions are facing a time of change and challenge as we enter the 21st century.

The Federal Credit Union is a forward-looking organization. We must focus on future events possibly driven by the economy, technology, demographics, legislative changes and/or other factors impacting the overall safety and soundness of the Credit Union.

The Federal Credit Union and all its employees are committed and dedicated to providing safe, sound, secure financial access to all Americans. The Federal Credit Union recognizes that a proactive approach to our new environment is important to prevent being overtaken and controlled by events. With this in mind we have developed a new strategic plan. We believe circumstances compel a new look at the Federal Credit Union and its members.

The Federal Credit Union has a sincere concern for the well-being of credit union members.

For Federal Credit Union employees it is more than just a job.

It is clear that those things that make credit unions unique, such as a member focus, the cooperative spirit, and a concern for reaching out to the those of modest means, remain front and center priorities.

Keeping in mind traditional Credit Union values and upcoming challenges we plan to emphasize:

  1. A financial management view that encourages preparation for the future;
  2. An approach to facilitate the successful integration of financial services and technology;
  3. A safety and soundness view which recognizes the need to take reasonable risks in order to meet member service expectations; and,
  4. An approach that encourages reaching out and providing financial services to the credit union community.

We feel confident in our undertaking because of the dedication and quality of the Credit Union Staff.

We will exercise responsible stewardship of Credit Union funds and will, whenever possible, reallocate existing resources to undertake agency initiatives.

We are confident that the Credit Union, working towards common goals, can meet upcoming challenges to enable us to remain a viable, thriving institution that continue to help people help themselves.